Hebei Tuku Machinery became a partner of OTR in 2024. Both parties are dedicated to the research, design, and production of high-quality, high-performance motorcycle trailers.
PT01 Is An Easy Transport Solution For Boats! Affordable, Reliable, And Compact. Smooth Towing, Secure Loading.

Model: PT01 Series
Over All size(LWH):3800-4000*1600*600mm
Max Payload(kg):500
Dry Weight(kg):150-160
Wheel:145/70R12 or 165/70R13
Cold bending molding, outdoor high-glis spraying

Multi-Purpose Trailer PT02: Tow Motorcycles and Boats with Ease! Lightweight, Durable, and Portable. The Ultimate Choice for Versatility. Experience Quality and Convenience.

Model: PT02 Series
Over All size(LWH):3260*2070*1000mm
Inner Width:1550mm
Max Payload(kg):430
Dry Weight(kg):270
Wheel:165/70R13 LT6PR
AL-KO's Torsion axles
Foldable Trailer PT03: Convenient Storage and Versatile Towing for Motorcycles and Boats!
Our foldable trailer is the perfect solution for storage and towing. It easily folds for convenient garage storage. Lightweight yet sturdy, it ensures effortless towing for motorcycles and boats, providing safety and security. With easy maintenance, it saves you time and effort. Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast or a boat owner, our foldable trailer offers versatile towing. Experience convenient storage and worry-free towing.
Model: PT03 Series
Over All size(LWH):3250-3300*1640-2300*850-900mm
Inner Width:1850mm
Max Payload(kg):375-500
Dry Weight(kg):200-320
Wheel:175/R13 or 165/70R136PR
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